Marian Bantjes: Follow your heart under the guidance of your ego

One thing that distinguishes ‘design’ from ‘art’ might be that design has to serve a purpose whereas (contemporary) art is more about following and expressing your emotions and thoughts. Design is usually about fulfilling a client’s need and following certain strategies.

During my education as an architect I struggled a lot with this idea of how to approach a project: as a functional design or as a piece of art? Should I try to design a masterpiece with a WOW-effect, not giving so much about the users but mostly about the looks? Or should I try to fulfill the project’s brief as closely as possible, coming up with a very functional, buildable and affordable but maybe not so interesting design? A lot of times I ended up with the latter, mainly as a result of playing safe and the desire to please others.

I guess the graphic designer Marian Bantjes somewhat had the same dilemma. Tired of following strategies, measurable results and focus on information wealth she decided to follow her heart and interests instead, all under the “guidance of her ego”. And this worked out very well! Her work now has a very personal appeal displaying a great visual wealth on basis of joy, wonder and curiosity. Check out the video below to see what she has to say about it and of course to enjoy her work.

So with my next project I’ll try more to follow my intuition and guts!