Color psychology

Color can affect our emotions. At least, that’s the idea you get when you see all those websites stating that pink makes you calm and yellow gives you energy, etc. But when I read Universal Principles of Design I discovered that “there is no substantive evidence supporting general effects of color on emotion or mood”. Mmm, maybe we are mixing psychological effects with meaning and symbolism here. Maybe I’ve heard so many times that yellow makes me happy that I truly believe it, while it merely is just a symbol of happiness?

Anyway, though not based on scientific evidence, the following sites can be an interesting read when you want to know more about the meaning, symbolism and other theories of color.

Interesting database with almost 60 theories on color order systems in art, science and culture ranging from the antiquities to modern times .

2. Presentation: Color Matters
Some facts and figures about (the usage) of color.

3. Color Psychology
Explaining the meaning and symbolism of colors in western (American) culture.


Color Meanings in Design

Color Meanings in Design