Alain de Botton and the Architecture of Happiness

During my time as a student, one of my favourite classes were the ones on philosophy. Not that I understood much of it, partly due to the fact that the lectures were given by a native Brit who’s sentences were even harder to follow than the essays of Heidegger (and that says something). But getting only 10% (a big accomplishment) is already enough to completely change your view at the world.

Luckily not every philosopher is as difficult to follow as big guys as Kant, Descartes or Bachelard. One of my favourite philosophers of the present is Alain de Botton. Especially his book The Architecture of Happiness is a must-read for any one interested in architecture. And for those who think that’s even too much to read, there is always the movie: The Perfect Home, a television series commissioned by Channel 4. Hooray for the guy who has put it online! Below the first part.